How CIOs can improve diversity and inclusion

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a set of diversity and inclusion best pran help CIOs build better teams

Research shows that diversity and inclusion leads to better business perforactices that cmance by creating understanding workforces with a wider range of experiences, but many organisations struggle to translate the research into practice.

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a set of best practices that have created an inclusive campus for students from more than 65 nations and a diverse array of background and contain sage advice for CIOs from all organisations.

CIOs can implement a variety of initiatives that can make their organisation culturally and operationally more inclusive.

These could include arranging networking, mentoring and social events that help build inclusion, supporting different causes through fundraising and workplace events and offering internships to people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Radius Payment Solutions CIO Dave Roberts has introduced a number of new initiatives to support a more diverse workforce, including flexible working arrangements and organising meetups and community events.

“It’s been really positive on how the team work together and how they are able to bring different ideas and suggestions to the table,” he told CIO UK. “That’s what diversity brings, it gives you a more rounded team.”


adminHow CIOs can improve diversity and inclusion