How CIOs can improve diversity and inclusion

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a set of diversity and inclusion best practices that can help CIOs build better teams

Research shows that diversity and inclusion leads to better business performance by creating understanding workforces with a wider range of experiences, but many organisations struggle to translate the research into practice.

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a set of best practices that have created an inclusive campus for students from more than 65 nations and a diverse array of background and contain sage advice for CIOs from all organisations.

2. Enhance standards for recruiting practices

Recruitment practices often inhibit diversity as employers typically search for staff in the same familiar places and frequently hire in their own image. 

Carnegie Mellon University has a number of suggestions on how to improve recruiting practices. 

Organisations can implement mandatory training in implicit bias for search committees, encourage cross-departmental sharing of finalists to fill vacant positions, and focus on recruiting diverse personnel at all levels of leadership.

SThree CIO Lance Fisher uses data analytics to identify which job candidates have the most suitable skills on paper for a position. The specialist staffing agency can then inform organisations if they might have overlooked some of the most qualified people for the position.

“We have been able to take our own learnings around diversity and use them when we speak with our clients,” he told CIO UK.

This doesn’t only help to build more diverse teams. It can also plug any skills gaps by leveraging untapped talent pools.

Source: CIO UK

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