Leicestershire Fire Service praised for first Transgender Policy


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service – in the quest to provide equality for all their employees has launched their first Transgender Policy. The Fore Service stated that they wanted a service where everyone could be themselves in the workplace as this would benefit the organisation.

The launching of the policy was well attended with representation from operational and support staff, as well as from other organisations across the region.

The guest speaker, Charlie Craggs, a founder of the campaign Nail Transphobia spent time explaining her own personal experiences, and the reasons why there is a call for this type of policy.

Policies such as these not only set the ground rules for managers to follow, but they also outline procedures, and make transgender people feel welcome.

Ms Craggs felt that is was an honour to be asked to speak at the launch of the Transgender Policy. The significance of the policy is that it demonstrates just how far the Fire and Rescue Service has come, and also showed how far society as a whole has progressed.

Considering how many people approached Ms Craggs after her talk, she felt that the policy was very well accepted. She received many messages afterwards saying that she had helped people to understand the ‘transgender thing’ a little better, and many had left with a different perspective.

Ms Craggs felt that if only one person had walked away as an ally, then she considered the day to be a success.

Always having had an immense amount of respect for the fire and rescue services, and the honourable work they do, Ms Craggs said she had even more respect for them after the introduction of the policy. It is a wonderful thing to see that the service is open to further learning, and to change.

The assistant chief fire and rescue officer, Rick Taylor said that the service was very proud of the introduction of the policy, and pleased to have not only a supportive, but an inclusive working environment at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, which went out of the way to make everyone feel welcome.

Mr Taylor was quoted as saying that ‘equality and diversity lies at the very heart of all our work, and we strive to improve on this every year.’

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service has stated that they believe everyone should have the right to be treated fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. If this principle is not followed, it will lead to discrimination, violence, and bullying.

LFRS recognises that by doing this, the workplace will become an enjoyable environment for all employees and with every member of the public who comes in contact with them.

source: www.diversitylink.co.uk

adminLeicestershire Fire Service praised for first Transgender Policy