Sabreena Shabazz

2017 Shortlisted Nominee:

Diversity Champion Award for Housing Sector –

Sabreena Shabazz has been phenomenal and dynamic in the area of youth care, women development, community cohesion and interfaith work in Lambeth as well as other boroughs across London. She is the visionary founder of non-profit CIC Pathwaze Ltd, a housing and self development project enriching and transforming the lives of many homeless and vulnerable young people by supporting them to turn their lives around. It has been an integral part of Sabreena’s vision to coach, support, inspire, empower and provide a safe haven for countless individuals to enable them to move away from a life of crime, gang culture, addiction and depression into training, employment, progression and leadership roles; this is evidenced through countless testimonies. Under the auspices of African Muslim Welfare Trust, Sabreena was an integral part of planning and delivering the HIV Toolkit for Muslims in the UK. Her selfless desire to assist those in need within her community is to be admired and applauded.

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