EiDA16 Shortlisted Nominee

Diversity Marketing Campaign of the Year Award

In 2014, two-thirds of British people told Scope that they feel awkward around disability, and because of this they panic and freeze in social situations. As a result, Scope created End the Awkward, a fun and light-hearted approach to get people to think differently about disability. They worked with comedian and TV presenter Alex Brooker to create three TV ads that poked fun at scenarios that disabled people told them really happen. Scope smashed their targets and reached a staggering 24 million people. In 2015 they came back with a laser focus on the audience they found to be the most awkward of all – those between 18 to 30. They partnered with Channel 4 to produce a series of six shorts titled ‘What not to do’ that honed in on their target audience and extended their reach. Over 84 percent reported feeling differently about disability after seeing End the Awkward. Overall, the campaign generated a whopping 102 million views across Channel 4, All 4 (Channel 4’s on-demand platform), social and YouTube. The impact of this campaign has been unparalleled.

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