2015 EiDA Nominee – Jeanette Gagg

Jeanette has served as a prison officer in the prison service for 27 years, and has demonstrated an increasing passion for fairness, respect and equality throughout her role. She became an Equality Officer in 2008, and with the difficult task of undertaking a diverse prison and workforce, worked tirelessly to embed inclusion into the organisation at every level. Jeanette has delivered a phenomenal sustainable strategy and has given staff a greater awareness around the protected characteristics, which has enhanced their performance; this was reflected in an HMCIP Inspection and equality audit, achieving over 95% good practice. In addition, Jeanette has developed a new staff equality and diversity induction programme including an e-learning resource, and she personally inducts all newly employed staff. Jeanette’s own life experiences have provided her with core values to tackle the challenges faced within the prison service; an outstanding amount of progress has been made through positive action and this deserves to be applauded.

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