2015 EiDA Nominee – Pride in London – Freedom To

For the first time in 40 years Pride in London and the LGBT community had a chance to advertise on mainstream London advertising. The advertising and social media campaign allowed them to take the message of Pride to the whole of London and further afield with the aim of driving attitudinal change. Exterion and creative agency Enigma worked seamlessly with Pride and delivered an integrated campaign of engagement and communication that achieved outstanding reach. Powerful ‘FreedomTo’ statements from the LGBT+ community were picked up by the press, in particular The Evening Standard. The ‘Freedom To’ campaign made each story equally important from role models, straight allies, community leaders, sponsors and celebrities. As a direct result of the #FreedomTo campaign and its personal story approach, pride gained its first Media Partnership from The Evening Standard (ES) and London Live. Through this partnership pride successfully challenged perceptions and ES changed their reporting on LGBT issues, which still remain today.

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