2015 EiDA Nominee – Rohini Sharma Joshi

Rohini deserves to be commended for her long-standing and passionate advocacy for the Scottish Asian Community, championing their rights to equality of treatment, dignity and respect. Rohini has been leading an award-winning Equal Opportunities Programme for Trust Housing Association since 1999, and has also worked with partner organisations on innovative projects which have both successfully tackled diversity issues in social housing, and also had a wider impact on organisations serving the public, legislators and the community. Rohini has devised, managed and raised external funding for a series of ground-breaking equal opportunities projects which have had a material impact on the lives of people from black and minority ethnic groups in particular. Rohini has also has made a significant impact through outstanding projects such as older peoples services, Happy to Translate and memories project. Rohini has been instrumental in establishing Trust Housing as a leader in the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

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