Brenda Metcalfe

EiDA16 Shortlisted Nominee

Diversity Champion Award for Housing

Brenda is the Customer Engagement Manager for Anchor. Her role has a national remit, and aims to ensure that all older people living with Anchor have a voice, are consulted and have the opportunity to share ideas and shape services. Brenda created the group as a result of a tenant giving feedback about how lonely and isolating it can be to move into sheltered housing as an older LGBT person. She started Anchor’s LGBT group to encourage Anchor’s LGBT community to meet together in an inclusive and overtly LGBT friendly environment. She wanted to promote the aims of the group, which are to provide a safe and welcoming environment for older LGBT people. The group has massively benefitted Anchor and its customers, and are still recognised as one of the very few housing organisations that offer LGBT support specifically for older people. It is clear that Brenda is passionate about giving people a voice, and ensuring that her employer celebrates the rich diversity of all people living and working with Anchor.

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