Dilys Price , Director -Touch Trust

Dilys-Price-OBEIt  is exactly twelve weeks since I had the inspiring  experience of being a winner  at the 2014 National Diversity Awards in London.

I met so many beautiful and amazing people that night. It made me realize that those of us who care about celebrating diversity ,about  helping those for whom the playing field of life is not equal   –are not  lone voices in the wilderness- however that can seem when we are  at home fighting and daring to change things in this capitalist world we live in.

We have power and the power is to  be able to resist becoming fearful , defeated, passive,  sheep like conformists  and to  robustly search out truth and compassion and kindness .Coming together  that evening I felt the strength of love and beauty of so many different groups ,all fighting for different aspects a shared  vision. I felt invigorated and renewed .

Things change because of people .

Reading  about Nelson Mandela ,I was reminded that the Apartheid Laws came into being as recently as 1948 until1994- Mandela changed all  that; Wilberforce fought and won against the established fact of slavery ; the Wright brothers had the impossible task of making a lump of metal fly…..they all  made  “ the impossible” possible. Who would have thought that others would follow to make air transport ordinary  or that  America would have a black President?

Miracles are waiting to happen ,waiting for us to believe in the impossible and  to commit ourselves  in action  and thought to our dream of a better world..

 I believe  that positive energy has a positive result ,some where, somehow ,some way .This is based on the geological Explosion ( Chaos) Theory  and is a  geological fact .It may not happen at the time you expect,  the place you expect , the form you expect ,but we pioneers   have adopted  this truth   into our lives.  In our lives of commitment to  ethical change ,it is something we need to  remember – it will help  to keep that sacred flame burning – and it will bring   about miracles!  Although it  may  not  be exactly when ,where or how we expected.; (incidentally this is a useful  lesson for our egos,)it will always bring about positive results.

On another note ( though linked ,)we have just had two beautiful events –our Touch Trust Christmas Ball and our Touch Trust College of the Arts( post nineteen ,transitional) end of term Christmas  party .Neither cost a lot to put on .For the Ball  I wore my £5 charity shop gown and £1 pearls and was dressed ‘ to the nines’ ,as were all the other carers ,parents and friends. Nobody was drinking much as the alcohol was too expensive. The place buzzed with joy , happiness , fun and energy .The photographer  ,Paul Fears ,parent of Greg ( see photos) gave his time free .The staff of St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay  went out of their way for us and the singers of two choirs brought beautiful us beautiful music . .We raised £1000 .You could feel the happiness – you could cut it .This is good living   ,giving and  receiving ,helping and being kind .

Compare that with the big super markets ,( a subtle,wicked  twist here ), where wonderful  music   is playing in their stores  getting the happy endorphins  rising ,adverts  are  shown in our homes appealing  to our five  basic “needs”, including the need to give ! And what they really want is  for us to succumb to  their central message that buying is the best way to the good life ; they see us as   ‘ consumer objects’,  fodder for their profit.

Touch Trust 10th Anniversary Ball-9767

So lovely people ,keep up the passion ,be happy ,look after yourself –you are needed for the fight –   be strong and love who you are  so that you can love others.

My gifts  for 2015;-

  • Every day look in the mirror and say “I am a genius “

It will make you laugh( that’s a start ) –but  you are- and gradually that knowledge  will change your life .

  • Spend five minutes a day  thinking of something  beautiful, listening to something beautiful ,looking at something beautiful. ( Goethe)
  • “We are here  to provide for all those who are weaker and hungrier, more battered and crippled than ourselves. That is our only good and certain purpose on earth.”

                                                             Michael Foot (Labour MP)