Megan Key

EiDA16 Shortlisted Nominee

Diversity Champion Award for Public Sector

Public Sector worker Megan has been an exemplary role model within the National Probation Service for the past 10 years, moving from Probation Officer to Equalities Manager in the Midlands division, where she is now responsible for strategic design and delivery of equality and inclusion for service users and employees. Since choosing to live visibly as a transgender woman three years ago, Megan has been active in highlighting trans issues and promoting acceptance by engaging people in various ways. The impact she’s had on the lives of trans people and members of other minority groups as a result is phenomenal. Dedicated to raising awareness at all levels and throughout the country, Megan volunteers as a trustee for Wolverhampton based charity Gender Matters, she’s works with schools in Birmingham to promote trans awareness, and represents her trades union at the TUC LGBT conference. Megan’s passion for people and her relentless optimism is well known. An incredible diversity champion who thoroughly deserves recognition.

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