NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Dr Neville Brown

Neville BrownDr Neville Brown has worked tirelessly throughout his career in making the lives of children with dyslexia not only manageable, but giving them the confidence to thrive in the world beyond education once leaving his groundbreaking school. The 80-year-old is one of Britain’s most significant figures within his area of expertise – the research and teaching of children with dyslexia. He has dedicated his life to ensuring every child attending Maple Hayes Dyslexia School, in Staffordshire, is given the right tools to succeed in a caring, understanding and nurturing environment while unlocking their abilities. Without the intervention of Dr Brown, many of the one thousand students who have visited the Lichfield school would not have achieved any reasonable standard of education. Dr Brown’s successes are shown through the achievements of former pupils, who have nominated him for this award.

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