NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Gary Zetter

Gary ZetterDirector of Mitie, the Technical Facilities Management company, Gary started his career as a 16-year-old Technical Apprentice and didn’t come out until six years ago, when staff gave him the confidence to become a role model for others who might think their progression will suffer because of who they are. He is greatly appreciated by all those who he helps, from BAME people in the engineering field, to women, LGBT individuals and employees in the workplace, where he is considered a true champion of diversity. Gary is Joint Chair for the LGBTQ – Network, ‘Proud to be’, and set up the BAME Network at Mitie to be launched in September 2015. He is also an Advisory Board Member for the Association for Black Engineers, and is the Mitie lead person for the ‘Lives Not Knives‘ Mentoring Scheme. An exceptional amount of nominations and stunning evidence showcase why Gary is a true role model.

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