Reverend Fred Annin: Diversity Champion for Charity

Fred Annin

We caught up with Rev. Fred Annin. The Diversity Champion Winner for the Charity sector at The Excellence in Diversity Awards to catch his thoughts of winning this prestigious award. Here’s what Rev. Fred Annin had to say:

I felt very satisfied when I heard my name called out for the Award because I looked back to where I started from and where I am now and thought so much is given to champion the cause of this HIV intervention and therefore thought I really deserved the Award.

How did you feel about the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

I felt they all have struggled hard to reach where they are and warmly applauded their hard work in my mind.

Where are you going to go from here with your work?

The Actionplus Foundation’s “Take Action Now’ campaign has been phenomenal, winning support of churches and health bodies globally. It has rolled out testing programmes in many public places including churches, schools and market places. As our vision which is a world where people affected by HIV do not experience poverty, ill health and prejudice is growing bigger, we will continue to support people living with and those affected by HIV/AIDS for them to play a central role in improving their own lives, leading to permanent and lasting solutions. HIV has not yet gotten cure to it and is still infecting lives of thousands across the world therefore I am anticipating that this award will connect Actionplus to funders and donors who will be part of this mission therefore increasing our resources to enable us advance the cause of our intervention until HIV is completely eradicated.

Reverend-Fred-Osei-AnninWhat does Diversity & Inclusion mean to you?

I see Diversity and Inclusion as a platform for which we all can use to transform the scope of our world therefore bringing about a better change for which we are all anticipating to see today. We need to create a world where all unsoundly can live together in peace and harmony and this can only happen through acceptance and fighting against injustice within our society.

Where does this rank within your Diversity & Inclusion achievements?

When I discovered the need for the church to revisit the books of the Christian faith concerning Diversity and Inclusion in the area of HIV, my approach in the intervention has enabled the church to discover the truth therefore accepting its responsibility and is now playing a leading role to the solution of the problem and not a barrier. Today the church is at the forefront of HIV intervention helping in the complete eradication of HIV in our world something no one thought could be possible.