South Wales Police

EiDA16 Shortlisted Nominee

Diverse Company Award for Public Sector

South Wales Police serves 1.3 million people covering 42% of the population of Wales. The Police & Crime Reduction Plan commits to enhancing equality and inclusion for the people of South Wales and the employees of South Wales Police. The Force recently developed the ‘Keep Safe Cymru’ scheme enabling disabled community members with communication needs to register with them, so that they are aware of their needs upon any police contact to ensure an appropriate and positive service. South Wales Police are making positive progress on their representation of diverse employees. In 1999, just 13.5% of police officers in the force were female, but the figure now stands at 28%. In 2004, 1.5% of their police officers were from BME backgrounds, whilst this has now increased to 2.1%. They are currently delivering a ground breaking Representative Workforce Programme to vastly improve the representation of BME people across the force, which has been positively commended by the College of Policing. Equality is a key priority for South Wales Police.

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