Special iApps: Best Diversity Resource

Special iApps

We caught up with Colin Dean, co-founder of Special iApps to catch his response after Winning The Best Diversity Resource Award at The Excellence in Diversity Awards 2015! Here’s what Colin had to say.

We were all totally surprised and really delighted. We didn’t expect to win.

How did you feel about the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

We thought they were very strong contenders; it was great to meet so many inspiring people.

Where are you going to go from here with your work?

This award is perfect timing, because we’re planning to launch our new website and video next month. We’ve been busy working with translators and ensuring our site is easy to navigate on mobile devices. We spent most of last Tuesday (19th May) doing a video shoot. The award will really help us promote what we do and add to our credibility, as we go on to develop more apps and reach more children.

What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to the Special iApps team?

For us the word inclusion is particularly important. We believe that, where appropriate, children with disabilities should have the opportunity to be included in mainstream schools, so they can grow up alongside other children of their age. In terms of Diversity in the workplace, it is important for us that when children with disabilities grow up, they have the skills to get into work. Learning using our apps now can improve their opportunities later in life.

Where does this rank within your Diversity & Inclusion achievements?

Very high. To be recognised in this country as having resources that contribute to diversity & inclusion is very important to us. We’ve previously been runners up in two international awards, but to actually win the Excellence in Diversity Award is a real honour.

What were you thoughts on the awards?

We did enjoy it, and we thought the team organising it did a wonderful job. Our award was so unexpected, and I hadn’t prepared an acceptance speech, so I forgot to thank the organisers and sponsors.