Special iApps

Special iApps is a cutting edge non-profit organisation, setup to create educational resources to help disabled children reach their true potential. Bev and Colin Dean co founded Special iApps when their son William was awarded an iPad. They felt that the apps available were not accessible to children like their own son who has Down syndrome, complex needs and poor fine motor skills. This was the start of a pioneering journey which saw Colin and Bev write and design education apps for disabled children and adults, starting with Special Words and Special Stories. Both apps provide a clear uncluttered user interface. There are no distractions, no advertising and no analytics. The apps can be personalised by taking your own photos, text added and your own spoken words recorded. With two successful apps to showcase, Special iApps went on to create Special Numbers in response to high demand for numeracy apps, followed by memory and BSL apps. Today they have 11 exceptional apps tailored to a range of disabilities and languages.

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