From the 2017 Excellence in Diversity Awards
Pamela Hutchinson (Bloomberg) – Judge of the 2017 Excellence in Diversity Awards

“I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and completely get now why we need to host events like this outside London


Dean Fagan – Actor (Coronation Street)

“It was a pleasure and a privilege my friend, thank you very much for having us there. My partner Louise and I enjoyed it very much and it was an honour to be there and support your cause!I also congratulate you in bringing people together, celebrating togetherness in a world of so much division right now

Richard Chapman-Harris – Winner of the 2017 Head of Diversity & Inclusion Award

“Being recognised by the Excellence in Diversity awards has been brilliant on a personal and professional level – being acknowledged for the work I do with my colleagues at Mott MacDonald, as a freelancer focused on smaller businesses and personally championing diversity in all its dimensions with family and friends. The award has motivated me further and also has provided a platform to engage with new contacts and opportunities.”

Catherine Burton – Winner of the 2017 Diversity Champion Award for Public Sector

My EiDA has provided me with an improved platform for my continued diversity work, now as a freelance instructor. Indeed, as I write this, I am preparing for a conference speaking engagement which derived directly from my acceptance speech. 

Whilst many may look on awards as beauty contests, I see them as an essential multiplier of voice, not only for winners but for nominees. Both the publicity before and after and the networking opportunities at the event increase the opportunities to further the cause of diversity. 

I hope to see a great list of nominees this year, and to working with them in the future.

PC Colin Gameson – Shortlisted Nominee for the 2017 Diversity Champion Award: Public

“Sir can I personally thank you for setting these awards in place, the recognition of your endeavours and recognising the hard work, commitment and good news stories from UK workplaces and their individuals. In particular it is great to see Public services nominees being put forward especially from the Police and uniform sector. I have seen the differences in the service delivery firstly since 1983 as a volunteer Special Constable for twelve years in the Met Police and now a regular Police Officer of near twenty three years to date, I started in the Met then transferred to Devon and Cornwall Police since 2000. I have joined to make a difference and now I celebrate difference, I am proud to be amongst the finalists in this year’s nominees.

Thank you and the EiDA team for an excellent evening with great people, food and entertainment.”

Andrew Dalton – Highly Commended for the 2017 Diversity Champion Award: Education

“I just want to say that it was an incredible night, thank you so much for a fantastic time! I was delighted to be ‘highly commended’ for Education!

I am still floating on cloud nine!

From the 2016 Excellence in Diversity Awards
Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council – Sponsor of the Excellence in Diversity Awards 2016

“Many congratulations on a fantastic event last night, it was enjoyable, enlightening and inspiring which is pretty much perfect in every way.  Hannah and I certainly enjoyed ourselves and the opportunity to mix with a wide cross section of people from across the country and in particular from Leeds. There is little doubt that what Paul has initiated and led in Leeds is a great credit to him and to his team.  Many thanks to all of the team

AllianzAllianz Insurance Plc – Winner of the Diverse Company Award: Private

“Many thanks for organising a very memorable event together with your fabulous team, bringing together examples of great initiatives and leadership towards more diversity and inclusion



Shaun Dellenty – Winner of the Diversity Champion Award: Education

“‘The Excellence In Diversity Awards delivers a spectacular event with high production values whilst maintaining a firm emphasis upon the celebration of inspirational individuals undertaking vital work for the sake of others across the range full range of the equality strands. Sharing and celebrating this work at the EIDA awards provides a platform to network, importantly share good practice and to form new partnerships and friendships. The Excellence In Diversity team provide inspirational and support throughout the process. I have now been lucky enough to be honoured at the EIDA Awards for two consecutive years for my LGBT+ inclusion work in schools and communities across the UK. Winning an EIDA award afforded me a timely opportunity to strategically reflect upon my achievements and gave me greater confidence in applying what I do in overseas and parliamentary contexts.

From the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards

Jermain JackmanJermaine Jackman – Winner of The Voice UK 2014 and performer at the Excellence in Diversity Awards

“I just want to thank you for having me at your event. Management forwarded me your email and I want to thank you for your kind words.

I had such a wonderful time and thank your staff for their great organisation and hospitality

Look forward to working with you again in the future…”

Peter TatchellPeter Tatchell

“HUGE congratulations on a fabulous EiDA event last night. 

So many awesome inspiring nominees and winners. 

I was so honoured to join you and speak. Thank you”

Damian KitsonDamian Kitson – Winner of The Employee of the Year Award

“Thank you so much for an amazing evening.

It was truly inspirational to be around so many amazing people.

Facebook and twitter are going a little crazy with sharing of the photos and I have just pushed out on Linkedin.

I will send the press release to our internal comms and PR teams who I know will be looking at how to send messages to the outside world.

Again thank you and a complete honour and privilege for me to be amongst so many great ambassadors,

Keep up the great work”

Special iAppsBeverley Dean (Special iApps) – Winner of The Diversity Resource Award

“Thank you. We did indeed have a fantastic evening, it was wonderful. We are thrilled to be part of the event it was such a great evening. Perfect in every detail. You all put in a lot of hard work into the evening and it was an amazing experience to be part of the celebrations”


SSarah Churchmanarah Churchman – Winner of The Head of Diversity & Inclusion Award

“A fabulous night Paul, many many thanks indeed” 



Fred AnninReverend Fred Annin – Winner of The Diversity Champion Award for Charity

“Yesterday was a memorable day a night that can never be forgotten. Thanks to the EiDA team once again for the opportunity you gave us to show case the work we do to the outside world. It was a pleasure meeting all the role models in our great country demonstrating the spirit of Diversity and inclusions in it’s total fullness”

St Giles TrustRob Owen (St Giles Trust) – Winner of The Diverse Company Award for Charity  

“We are all so thrilled about this award. It’s really cheered everyone up here at St Giles Trust and given us all a really good Friday Feeling (and its pay day so I suspect a few will be out celebrating tonight!)”

CentroAnna Sirmoglou (Centro) – Winner of The Diverse Company Award for Public

“Thank you very much for a lovely night – very well organised, great nominees and winners, great speeches and a very enjoyable evening overall”


Jiten Patel (The Open University) – Winner of The Diversity Champion Award for Education/Winner of The Diverse Company Award for Education

“It really was a great event and all of my guests were gushing about the evening.  This event was far better than the Hurlingham Club – well organised and the Hotel staff at the Midland were superb.  Of course, I am ecstatic about picking up not just one but two awards on the night!”


Lloyds Banking Inte#54AA8E5Lloyds International – Shortlisted nominee for the Outstanding Diversity Network Award

“We have attended many in the last few years but it was one of the few events where not winning was only held in brief disappointment, once you realised what others were doing and the reasons they came first. To be included and recognised in such company was humbling and also highlighted how much we need to do for the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet like minded and real people making a massive difference for others”

John ButcherReverend John Butcher

“It was a great night!

It was a pleasure and honour to be with so many people that are making such a huge difference in Diversity and Inclusion.

Thanks too for all that you and the team are doing and for all the hard work that you have put in to make the event so successful”