Senior Assistant Director for London

Kasia Allan is Senior Assistant Director for London for the UK’s premier business lobbying organisation, the CBI. She is the lead representative for the CBI’s business-to-business gender diversity initiatives. Kasia is responsible for leading the CBI to act as a facilitator in the gender diversity debate, to connect policy recommendations with tangible business solutions, and to promote best practice sharing. She has spoken at numerous roundtables and conferences alongside both business and government leaders.

She is also responsible for some of the CBI’s largest corporate relationships, primarily in retail, media, engineering and property sectors and heads up the Business Development function for the Greater South East.

Kasia joined the CBI in 2011 from The Stroke Association, where she oversaw all UK preventative health campaigning. Prior to this she worked for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, in Scotland. She holds an international business degree from the Australian National University and in her spare time enjoys running and attempting DIY (not at the same time!).


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