Damian Kitson

Damian is Head of Record to Report at Asda, and is responsible for the recording of all financial accounting transactions across all cost areas within Asda and manages a 13 strong team of accountants. Beyond his core, role Damian seeks out opportunities to further develop an inclusive workplace. He is the chair of Asda’s Disability Network, where his current focus is to help remove the public stigma of mental health, and is an active member of the Gender Steering Group, personally challenging himself and others to be fair in creating opportunities for both men and women. In addition, Damian is a Home Office Colleague Voice representative and a Culture Catalyst for the business, using his widening networks to impact wider teams, radiating the inclusion agenda around the company. At work he is known for his inventive ways of inspiring teams and has deservedly been recognised as “Finance colleague of the year”. Damian optimises an ‘Employee of the Year’ and this is illustrated through a fantastic array of endorsements.

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