2015 EiDA Nominee – GFSN – Rainbow Laces

After a magnificent launch in 2013, which started a national conversation about why there are no openly gay footballers, the Rainbow Laces campaign is back and bigger than ever before. The GFSN partnered with Stonewall UK and Paddy Power to create awareness of homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia in football. The campaign saw hundreds of professional and grassroots footballers and fans wear rainbow laces and fly rainbow flags at games across the UK. The 2014 campaign expanded rapidly with even more Metro newspaper ads and news coverage, Premier League support, a spokesperson in the form of Thomas Hitzlsperger and a TV/cinema ad featuring Arsenal players. During September 2014, players at over 70 professional clubs nationwide wore rainbow laces whilst playing to show their support for LGBT players. Politicians, celebrities and major corporate brands also got creatively involved to help ‘Change the Game’. Quite simply, no other campaign has ever brought so much attention to this issue like the Rainbow Laces campaign has.

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