Reverend Fred Annin

Rev. Fred Annin founded Actionplus Foundation (UK) in 1997 to campaign against HIV stigma and prejudice, which operates both in the church and in the community. His quest was to intervene in the growing number of people living with HIV, most of whom are from the African Community. He personally lead the campaign by targeting the black African churches to interact with their Pastors and educate them about HIV, and the benefits of early testing. In 2007 Rev. Fred opened the branch of Actionplus Foundation in Ghana and successfully led his charity to reduce the rate of HIV infection in the country from 3.6% in 2007 to 1.3% in 2013. Actionplus became the first HIV organisation in the UK to open a HIV testing centre in a church, and additionally opened 4 testing centres across London. This is a major breakthrough towards HIV intervention in the UK and Africa. For the past 18 years, Fred’s extraordinary achievements have been accomplished without resources to funding, relying on donations and his personal sacrifice to the cause.

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