Julie Charles

For nearly 30 years, Julie Charles has been deeply involved with developing BME community driven strategies, and in 1996 founded Equalities National Council. Over the past 18 years, her energies have been focused on developing recognized, sustainable, local and national BME disabled people and carer’s driven strategies, all of which has been at an unpaid capacity. Julie advises on a variety of ministerial boards, all of which have of course benefited from her entrepreneurial style and wealth of grass roots knowledge. ENC is at the cutting edge of breaking into seams of a tough bureaucratic process and has truly emerged as the National Strategic Body. ENC is the only Advocacy and mentoring enterprise specifically targeting BME disabled people and carers, and those with mental health difficulties and long term impairments. Furthermore, it is actively engaged in making national representation on these issues. Julie has become an ambassador for change by implementing policies and practices. Her lifetime worth of work is truly astonishing.

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