2015 EiDA Nominee – Lancashire Constabulary

Situated in the North West of England, Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic priority for Lancashire Constabulary who employ approximately 5600 staff. The constabulary is one of the top performing police forces in the country and leads the field in the approach to policing communities. Lancon are wholly committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that not only reflects the varied communities that they are involved in, but also takes part in many activities and events that are dedicated to inclusion at the core. As well as Lancon’s established Independent Advisory Group and Key Individual Network, which allows community members to actively engage in partnership work with their organisation on an advisory level, Diversity Teams across the force continually develop bespoke initiatives that involve local communities such as Imams and Mosques Forum and Active LGBT liaison engagement. It is no exaggeration to say that Lancashire Constabulary are years ahead of their peers in the equality and diversity agenda.

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