Lindsey Ambrose

Lindsey witnessed ethnic violence and killings in Sri Lanka so, together with her family, chose to warn and rescue people. Growing up, Lindsey qualified as a lawyer, volunteered with Citizens Advice Bureau, developed a Law Society national helpline for trainee solicitors and staff diversity awareness at Northampton University. Lindsey’s diversity work for a council and now health services, in Northants and beyond, has been recognised as inspirational, including in Parliament and by government departments, top performer Stonewall Equality Index ratings, Anne Frank Trust, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, HRH Prince Charles’s Mosaic awards and in a book for mental health nurse development nationwide. Outstanding youth-led anti-bullying work was recognised regionally by government and the LGBT community. Lindsey has continued to assist people in fear for their lives and has helped to draw in £millions of investment to Northampton. Lindsey also leads on ensuring rights for carers and patients at the charity St Andrew’s Healthcare.

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