2015 EiDA Nominee – Angela Murphy

Described as the heart and soul of Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, Angela Murphy has showcased true innovation to transform the charity into a consistent and effective success. This extraordinary individual has invested all of her energy into the women’s only organisation that is committed to the reduction of female imprisonment and offending, and provides life changing support to women who want to make positive changes. With 90+ visits per day from women across Merseyside, Angela works endlessly to secure funding for the centre and to ensure a safe place is provided to vulnerable women to expand their skills, flourish and become a part of a community. Through Angela’s determination, TWW now have 4 staff members and 30 dedicated volunteers and mentors. The changes Angela has made to the local community and challenging stigma are phenomenal, she is a true inspiration and well deserving of being recognised for all her efforts in supporting women within the criminal justice system, those on the periphery and all women of Wirral.

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