Baroness Campbell: ‘If we do not champion Diversity in Britain, then we cannot call ourselves inclusive’

P1020747 copyBaroness Campbell of Surbiton joins a host of diversity leaders to launch a new awards ceremony honouring British diversity.

The widely anticipated Excellence in Diversity Awards has opened its nominations for the 2015 ceremony to recognise companies with truly inclusive workforces.

The inaugural awards, to be held at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on May 14th 2015, will make inroads towards organisers’ goal of ‘rewarding organisations that operate within all strands of diversity’.

Baroness Campbell, judge for The Excellence in Diversity Awards, has continuously campaigned for disability rights most notably against the legalisation of assisted suicide.

“If we do not champion people’s diversity in Britain, whether that be in employment, education or full access to public life, then we cannot call ourselves progressive, inclusive and successful human beings. I cannot think of anyone who would want that, but sometimes we need role models to help show us the way”.

Baroness Campbell continued “These awards will help society to understand and learn what it means to genuinely include all diverse people in our communities. To be part of that process is very important to me”.

The event is definitely one to mark down on your calendar and provides recognition for excellence regardless of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, faith, religion and culture.

Headed by the Diversity Group and supported by the likes of J.P.Morgan, PwC and ITV amongst others, the launch of the unprecedented awards will break ground as the leading diversity awards ceremony recognising only UK companies that are committed to inclusion across the board.

Mark Shrimpton, Equality Specialist for Disability Rights UK expanded on the importance of such an awards, “Modern and thriving businesses cannot achieve without embracing diversity. Barriers to inclusion fail society, trouble shareholders and damage profits. That’s why I’m delighted to help this programme by celebrating all that’s good about the UK’s diversity practice”.

CEO Paul Sesay added, “There is still alot of work to be done on the grounds of equality, and not just in one particular strand but all strands of diversity. It is important that companies reflect the market place in which they serve, and we are delighted to showcase those that celebrate diversity throughout the whole ethos of their corporation”.

The Excellence in Diversity Awards also focus on leading diversity champions, unsung diversity heroes and extraordinary employees that have displayed motivation, innovation and commitment to inclusion.

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