Jiten Patel

EiDA16 Shortlisted Nominee

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Award

A company director and currently the Acting Head of Equality, Diversity and Information Rights at The Open University, Jiten’s background is in Financial Services. He continues to make a significant impact through his passion for D&I. He has designed and delivered impactful strategies, leadership mentoring programmes, and D&I courses and workshops. Specialising in ‘Positive Action’ and mentoring, Jiten delivered pioneering diversity training to all staff at the National College for School Leadership and a range of organisations including the Civil Service. Some 30% of participants of his cutting edge ‘Aspire’ programme, aimed at women, ethnic minorities and disabled people, have made career related moves attributed directly to Aspire. With 20 years’ experience, influencing many organisations and individuals as head of diversity and as a diversity strategist and practitioner, in May 2016, Jiten will be launching his new book, “Demystifying Diversity”, which has already received some excellent feedback from experts in the field.

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