EiDA16 Winner

Best Diversity Resource Award

A key Government department setting an excellent example across the whole of Government and influencing the wider Civil Service. HMRC wants its workforce to be representative of modern Britain and the public it serves. Its Diversity and Inclusion programmes are underpinned by a belief that no one should be defined by the circumstances or characteristics of their birth, or held back by poverty, ethnicity or culture. They operate three primary formal positive action programmes. Embrace: A programme for black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues, Positive Action Pathway: A cross civil-service programme, and Minority Ethnic Talent Association (META): Open to BAME colleagues who are under-represented at senior leadership levels. From the centre HMRC provide Expert advice, Inclusive Leadership Tools, Unconscious Bias Training, Disability Master classes, and an interactive inclusion self-assessment tool.

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