Chelsey Jay I am sad that this is the blog post I am writing on return from my holiday, but I guess, ignorance never has a desired time to rear its ugly head.

This blog post is a little different. It is for you to read, but the weight of its content is not for your shoulders to bare.

It is for you Lord Freud.

To Lord David Freud.

I always pride myself on the fact that, even though disability came into my life, uninvited and out of the blue, I have still remained the same person as I always was previous.

Hard working, ambitious and with good morales.

I was training to be a nurse before this.

Before that I worked in a Accounts Office.

Before that I worked in a Restaurant.

Before that, a paper round.

And what do I do now?

I fight people like you.

The small minded.

The ignorant. 

I feel so rude addressing someone whom I’ve never met with such vulgar adjectives – but then you have just addressed over 10 million people you’ve never met with your very own vulgarity, so, I guess, you’ve kind of out done me there sir?

As one of those 10 million. I have to ask…

What right do you have, to put a value on me?

Is this value based on my intellect or achievements?

No it is not is it Lord Freud? 

Its based on your positively illiterate and shameful view, that disabled people, are not worth the same as able bodied people in the workplace.

Which leads me to assume, that you are so full of your own self importance, that you can so carelessly share such a bigoted and inaccurate opinion in such a nonchalant manner, without even a second thought to how idiotic and vile you sound?

The Ego is not master in its own house. ”   – Sigmund Freud

I believe that it was your Great Grandfather that made that quote was it not sir?

How bittersweet and true.

The PM has demanded you apologise for what you have said.

But I argue you shouldn’t.

A sorry means nothing if the person saying it has been directed to, not by their own culpability or guiltiness, but by other peoples.

What do I think you should do? (I know right, advice from a £2 an hour disabled person?!)


Resign on the basis that you do not feel you are worthy of your title, your position in Government, in society.

That you are going to educate yourself in the real life of people with disabilities – given that you clearly are clueless and ill-informed.

Then, and only then, dish out an apology.

One thats heartfelt, thats nurtured, that has grown.

Not one that your flustered party has forced you to muster up.

Chelsey Jay


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