Shirley Farthing

EiDA16 Winner

Diversity Champion Award for Public Sector

Shirley has worked in the field of Deaf communication and care for many years and to an exceptional level. In recent years, she has been influencing at regional, national and international levels. Her work has included not only being part of a team setting up a specialist medium secure Deaf service at the mental healthcare charity, St Andrew’s, but influencing the development of national professionally recognised standards. Shirley has continually demonstrated her determination to overcome any barrier in her personal and professional life. She has helped local services be maintained when no one else stepped up which would have stopped without her involvement. She has worked tirelessly to champion and support the needs of people with disabilities, transforming lives, life chances and helping people of all abilities to achieve to their potential. Thanks to Shirley and the staff she supports and trains, Deaf patients with serious mental health problems are given opportunities to gain confidence, skills and experience.

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