NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Jake Graf

Film-maker, actor and author Jake, is a trans man whose work has had a huge impact on raising awareness about trans issues. His acclaimed film ‘Brace’, which has achieved great success on the film festival circuit globally, is also used … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Jake Graf

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Contracts IT

Founded in 1999, Contracts IT has been supporting the corporate and the public sector with technology workforce solutions across the IT talent spectrum. From inception, the company has nurtured a strong identity of appreciating and celebrating difference. They fully support … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Contracts IT

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Gary Zetter

Director of Mitie, the Technical Facilities Management company, Gary started his career as a 16-year-old Technical Apprentice and didn’t come out until six years ago, when staff gave him the confidence to become a role model for others who might … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Gary Zetter

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Victim Support

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. They were set up 40 years ago and have grown to become the oldest and largest victims’ organisation in the world, taking pride in … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Victim Support

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Indy Hothi

Indy has made a significant positive impact around race/faith topics and understanding in the corporate space, charitable sector and through wider community engagement. He is the leader of a Diversity & Inclusiveness interfaith network for one of the ‘Big 4’ … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Indy Hothi

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Dr Neville Brown

Dr Neville Brown has worked tirelessly throughout his career in making the lives of children with dyslexia not only manageable, but giving them the confidence to thrive in the world beyond education once leaving his groundbreaking school. The 80-year-old is … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Dr Neville Brown

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Megan Key

Public Sector worker Megan has been an exemplary role model within the National Probation Service, moving from Probation Officer to Equalities Manager in the Midlands division, where she is now responsible for strategic design and delivery of equality and inclusion … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Megan Key

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Byron Cole

Byron is the founder of The BLC Group, a business consultant/mentor and an award winning entrepreneur. The BLC Group is the umbrella company for a number businesses Byron owns, runs or has a financial interest. The businesses include Property Related … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Byron Cole

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Simon Green

Chair of Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People, Simon is at the forefront in fighting hate crime against disabled people. Hate crime is recognised across the spectrum – amongst disabled people, the CPS, the Police, local authorities and others, as a … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Simon Green

NDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Tunji Akintokun

Founder and co-director of the innovative social enterprise Your Future, Your Ambition, Tunji Akintokun inspires children and young adults from ethnically diverse backgrounds into studying STEM related subjects and pursuing careers in STEM-based industries, touching over 3000 school children and … Read More

adminNDA15 Shortlisted Nominee: Tunji Akintokun