2015 EiDA Nominee – Reverend John Butcher

For the last 48 years, Reverend John Butcher has championed harmony, equality and diversity with people from all backgrounds, ages, cultures, beliefs and nationalities. He developed the annual Rotherham Show for young people to educate them on social awareness through entertainment and drama. John also trained a multi-cultural team to form ‘Cosmo Club’; creating harmony among children from all backgrounds. The club had a significant impact on the Hackney community, and John was able to engage local businesses and professional bodies in providing funding and resources; An outstanding £40,000 was also raised each year from charitable trusts. Due to the success of Cosmo Club John was not only invited and welcomed into other Boroughs, but also nationally and internationally. John’s work in inclusion was raised to a new level with his links with West Midlands Police as a volunteer Police Chaplain and as the Force Lead Chaplain. His passion has seen the development of a 40 strong West Midlands Police Multi Faith Chaplaincy Team.

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