Cam Kinsella

Diversity, equality & inclusion for Cam isn’t just her ‘job’, it’s her whole world. Removing inequalities is Cam’s greatest passion and this is evident through her extraordinary achievements over the past 8 years across the industry. Cam transformed Golden Gates Housing Trust from an organisation with no systems in place to promote, monitor or support equality, into a leader within the sector; becoming the first winner of the DNA award and the only organisation still to date to have received 10 distinctions. Amongst Cam’s many outstanding initiatives include setting up GGHT as a hate crime reporting centre which saw reporting rise from 1 per quarter to 15. Additionally, Cam was a key partner in the ‘Keep Warm Keep Well’ Campaign which targeted older customers with winter warm bags. Cam recently brought her exceptional initiatives to Merlin Housing, and has already created plans to drive the organisation to excellence. Cam’s incredible commitment is rapidly evolving housing organisations to become truly inclusive employers.

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