Cam Kinsella

Diversity, equality & inclusion for Cam isn’t just her ‘job’, it’s her whole world. Removing inequalities is Cam’s greatest passion and this is evident through her extraordinary achievements over the past 8 years across the industry. Cam transformed Golden Gates Housing Trust from an organisation with no systems in place to promote, monitor or support… Continue reading Cam Kinsella

2015 EiDA Nominee – Reverend John Butcher

For the last 48 years, Reverend John Butcher has championed harmony, equality and diversity with people from all backgrounds, ages, cultures, beliefs and nationalities. He developed the annual Rotherham Show for young people to educate them on social awareness through entertainment and drama. John also trained a multi-cultural team to form ‘Cosmo Club’; creating harmony… Continue reading 2015 EiDA Nominee – Reverend John Butcher