2015 EiDA Nominee – Liverpool Mutual Homes

Liverpool Mutual Homes manages 15,000 homes in the city and have 17,600 customers. Their exceptional equality, diversity and inclusion strategy “People Matter” showcases their commitment to continuous improvement and to providing excellent services that recognise people’s differences and embrace their various needs. LMH invest in learning, training and development to help staff achieve and excel,… Continue reading 2015 EiDA Nominee – Liverpool Mutual Homes

Cam Kinsella

Diversity, equality & inclusion for Cam isn’t just her ‘job’, it’s her whole world. Removing inequalities is Cam’s greatest passion and this is evident through her extraordinary achievements over the past 8 years across the industry. Cam transformed Golden Gates Housing Trust from an organisation with no systems in place to promote, monitor or support… Continue reading Cam Kinsella


Gentoo Group is a social business whose ambition is to improve the lives of the people, communities and the environment in which they operate by investing in people, the planet and property, what they call ‘the Art of Living’. As a ‘profit for purpose’ organisation, they use any profits from their commercial activity to reinvest… Continue reading Gentoo